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Hawking, Jan 12, 14 7:34 PM.
Academy Guild Merge with Dawn currently underway!
Sign up on!
Ask Hawking or any other Dawn types for invites!

Academy Exemplar- Begeren Colony Server Consolidation

Hawking, Aug 14, 13 1:17 AM.
Hello Hello,
As you know, the official Server Merge has just occurred.
If you're a member of Academy, or would like an invite to Academy, the officers and other members of the guild will be online throughout the weeknights to do so.
Just type "Academy Exemplar" into "who", or directly whisper one of the officers.
Thanks guys, glad to finally have the guild back together.

Server Transfers- What does this mean for Academy?

Hawking, Jun 3, 13 6:34 PM.
Hello there my fellows.
The time is upon us, and transfers will be opening up in the next 24 hours. So, where is Academy going?
Well, at the moment, it seems the majority of us will be transferring to Beregan Colony, which is the NA West Coast RP Server. From what I've heard of it, the server appears to be basically like Gav Daragon, but with more fair PvP, higher population with a bit more RP.
Which, for the purpose of our guild, is perfect. Academy was made as a guild with a focus on taking up all the game has to offer, and do it with a group of like minded psychopathic varied people. Naturally, we'll do a bit of recruiting once we get over there. Oh, and once we transfer, play nice.
Thanks guys,

Happy Birthday Academy!

Hawking, Apr 30, 13 6:21 PM.
On this momentous occasion we celebrate the one year anniversary of the fine establishment and family that is Academy Exemplar!
So, get the baked goods, streamers, party hats and lightsabers and we'll go forward to play another great year!

Guild Summit

soneil, Apr 2, 13 4:58 AM.
A meeting of guild leaders from our server was held on Sunday with Steve (Nefash) and Matt (Waka) representing our guild. Details of the meeting as well as minutes outlining what was discussed can be found on the Gav Daragon server website. The link to the specific thread is here for those who want to know what was discussed.
Welcome to Academy Exemplar (Republic) and Lyceum Narcissus (Empire). We are a guild playing Star Wars The Old Republic on the Begeren Colony server (formerly Gav Daragon server). Our guild is mostly aimed at catering to casual players and new players within the game, though all friendly players with a mature attitude are welcome.

If you are interested in joining us, start by checking the Information links to the left, especially the Applicant Info link. Non-members are also welcome to browse our ever growing collection of tips and guides - both in our forums as well as our Tips / Guides page. We look forward to seeing you in game.

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